10 Creative Content Ideas That Aren’t Plain Old Articles

Blog-Post-3-3-14Creating a steady stream of relevant and compelling content for your business can be challenging. Well-researched, helpful articles take time to write and edit and if you’re not working with a professional content marketing company, generating such a large ongoing volume of content can be overwhelming.  This article from B2B offers some great ideas….

Here are our ten favourite creative types of content that aren’t run-of-the mill articles:

1. Q&A Videos
Interview your company’s top brass or other experts in your field. Ask questions that your clients would want answered. Edit in a simple video-editing app like iMovie and post on your company blog. Keep each video short and sweet. If your video runs longer than three minutes (roughly the max threshold that users can handle before getting bored or deciding to come back later), break up your video into multiple parts and post each part as a piece of your ongoing content cycle.

Example: Startup Chat conducts regular Q&A video sessions through recorded Google Hangouts.

2. Infographics
Infographics are a great way to convey information to people in new and interesting ways. This is your chance to get creative and stand out, especially if yours is an industry that isn’t generally perceived as particularly creative. Pick topics and data that your customers will be interested in and get creative with your infographic title. Work with a reputable design company to create branded infographics that tie back to your company’s aesthetic.

Read more at http://www.business2community.com/content-marketing/10-creative-content-ideas-arent-plain-old-articles-0797959#tY7H6ckqyDyKMDmS.99