10 essential tips for your company’s web design project

Written by Joe Griffin

Joe Griffin has served as the co-founder and CEO at iAcquire, a digital marketing firm, since 2008.

large_5734993652Re-launching a website is a massive, multi-layered task for any business.

You have make decisions not only about design and branding — a re-launch requires a seemingly endless checklist of tasks: benchmarking, content strategy, audience research, SEO, back-end hosting … the list goes on. Plus, as a business every decision is hinged on ROI: What impact will the remodeled website have on your business’ traffic, engagement, and conversion?

Your business’s flaws and weak links are often exposed when it comes time to reinvigorate your web presence.

Whether this comes in tandem with an organizational restructure, a change in services or products, a reinvigorated brand strategy, or simply after realizing that your current website is not converting customers at the level you’d like, every business should re-convene on their web strategy at least every few years.
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