10 Tips to Make your Facebook Content Newsfeed-worthy

by Spreadfast

There’s only one surefire way to reach the heart of your Facebook Fans: the newsfeed. And for brands, that means knowing and resonating with your audience is crucial. The next time you go to engage your fans, put yourself in their mindset and start thinking like your audience.

Tell me a little about yourself.

Yes, that means be human and personable. I liked you on Facebook, so I’m interested in knowing more about your company culture, who your employees are and events you’re hosting so I can connect with your brand in a more direct way.

Skip the 1000-word updates. Show me with pictures and video.

I scan my newsfeed multiple times a day and the things that catch my attention are often mixed media that stand out next to long text blurbs.

Show me your chops.

As a part of your fan base, I’m probably interested in learning from you. I use your products, am considering using your services and look to you for new ideas as a leader in your industry. From all those intriguing assets,positioning posts and whitepapers you share, I’m really starting to see you as a thought leader next to your competitors.

Help me find that product, tv episode, answer…

Nothing makes me more excited than when I find something serendipitously in my newsfeed that I was looking for. Better yet, surprise me with interesting content I didn’t even seek out.

Don’t lump me in with the irrelevant stuff

I live in New York, so why do I care about a promo in San Francisco? It’s much more helpful when you target updates to my personal location or interests.

You ruined it! Now fix it

I just posted on your Page how upset I was. But then you swooped in and acknowledged my problem. That’s why I just told my friends in the office how much I really love your brand.

Oh, you want to know what I think?

I can definitely be a lurker, but it can be fun to give my opinion when you ask. I wouldn’t have thought about sharing how I use your product or service, but now that you’ve asked, I’ll take a minute to comment with my thoughts. Oh look, some of my friends chimed in, too. I didn’t even realize we had that in common.

Limited access? I love being a VIP.

Really? I can get a discount on your newest product just because I Like you? I didn’t even know you offered that online, but at that price, I want to try it out. And with that special bargain, I’m going to tell a few of my friends, too.

Take our relationship to the next level

I didn’t go straight to your Page, but after your promo in my newsfeed caught my eye, I clicked and it brought me to a custom designed page. Whoa, you’re running a contest where I could win an awesome prize or share pictures and videos of my own? Of course I’ll fill out your form to have the chance to get something I want in return!