5 Dead-Simple SEO Hacks to Save You Time

1391730895-5-dead-simple-seo-hacks-save-timeThese are a few great and simple ways to boost your placement on search engines….

Thanks Eric Siu from Entrepreneur.com.

Let me be very clear, when I talk about “hacking” SEO, I’m talking about saving time and doing things as efficiently as possible. I’d never encourage gray or black hat techniques in an effort to game the search engines!

So with that in mind, let’s look at a few ways to speed up the process of performing proper SEO on your site. SEO rules must be followed closely, but that doesn’t mean that you need to waste time doing things the hard way. The following five hacks will cut back the amount of time you have to spend on SEO, while simultaneously improving your natural search performance:

Hack 1: Get keyword ideas from your internal search data. When people search inside your site using your search bar, they’re doing so because the content they’re looking for isn’t immediately apparent. By tracking these searches, you’ve got a supply of fresh new keywords that you already know your customers are interested in. Building content around them automatically pays off in terms of SEO, as you’re helping to satisfy both visitors and the search engines.

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