6 Small Businesses That Are Doing Social Media Right

This is an exerpt from an article posted on Entrepreneur.com, written by Colleen Debaise.

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In this week’s column, viewer Angle Bush asks Team Digital: What has been the most unique and successful example of online marketing from a small business that you have seen?

(Please note: examples cited are not clients of Team Digital members.)

Brian Honigman
One of the best things a small business can do online, specifically with social media, is to listen and engage with their audience — and that doesn’t require a big brand. Pittsburgh’s Franktuary, a popular hot dog shop with three locations, embodies this practice across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and its blog. Everything from its weekly #TuesdayTrivia hashtag series to consistently answering questions and feedback from their audience in a friendly tone helps Franktuary connect with its customers providing a behind-the-scenes look into its delicious dishes it’s making every day. If you’re a small business, take note of its hustle.

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