Advertise Your Business With A Vehicle Wrap


A vehicle wrap is like a bumper sticker on steroids, and it can earn you or your small business money. If you want to sell advertising space to a professional car-wrapping company or are looking for a novel way to advertise your own business, talk to us about turning your car into a moving advertisement.

Vehicle wraps give small business owners a unique way to advertise their company. Vehicle wraps are made out of vinyl and can adhere to a car or truck for years without ruining the paint. Business owners can have their company name, phone number, logo, selling message, and just about any unique design or color placed on their car or truck and have hundreds of people view their add by simply driving around town going to appointments with customers or going to the grocery store.

Vehicle wraps can cost around $1500 – $2,000 for half wrap and $3,500 – $5,000 for a full wrap depending on the size of the vehicle. Since a vehicle wrap can last three to five years, this can be a cost effective way for a business owner to advertise their company. Plus when one considers the number of views that will occur daily just by driving around town, vehicle wrap advertising can be the least expensive way for a business owner to advertise their business.

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