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10 Tips to Make your Facebook Content Newsfeed-worthy

by Spreadfast There’s only one surefire way to reach the heart of your Facebook Fans: the newsfeed. And for brands, that means knowing and resonating...
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Freshen Up Your Spring Emails With These 5 Tips

If you’re as over winter as we are, you’re probably anxious for the arrival of spring. And with so much to love about the season...
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Email Marketing: How to Push Send and Grow Your Business

Email Marketing strikes many as old-fashioned. More fashionable venues like social media and mobile marketing get all the attention, and some people will even try...
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Creating a Great Business Card

A business card is an integral part of any good marketing plan. For its size and cost, it’s probably the most powerful part. Of course,...
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11 Awesome (and 1 Terrible) Facebook Post Examples with Critiques & Best Practices

Some great tips for those stuck in the facebook whirlpool…… Every 60 seconds 293,000 Facebook posts are made on Facebook. I’ve analyzed posts from some...
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Catchy Christmas Slogans

Christmas is a popular holiday that is celebrated around the world. While this season bares special significance for some religions, it presents many opportunities to...
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Whiteboard animation videos are an exciting and innovative way to advertise and market your services and products.  When compared with other types of advertisement, they...
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Want to Keep Your Customers? Be Proactive

by Nicole Fallon, Business News Daily Assistant Editor What happens when you lose a customer? If you think you can just ramp up lead generation...
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10 email marketing tips for Christmas campaigns

Christmas is, without doubt, one of the best times of year for countless retailers around the western world. In some extreme cases, the festive season...
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6 Tried-and-True Email Marketing Tactics

Doing a little home work for some ideas on writing an email campaign article….well I couldn’t write it better….so here’s an article from KIMANZI CONSTABLE...
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Christmas Advertising

Christmas Ads Already?!

I know I know….It’s not even Halloween…..Thanksgiving was yesterday….. But it’s time to talk about the holiday season.  Ads, emailers, facebook timeline photos, sales, contests…..OH...
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Oshine – a Creative Multipurpose WordPress theme

Detracto erroribus et mea. Malorum temporibus vix ex. Ius ad iudico labores dissentiunt.
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