How Canadians are using the Internet differently

IS your website’s smartphone savy?

13193009-touchscreen-smartphone-with-cloud-of-colorful-application-icons-isolated-on-white-background-desigCanadians’ digital lives are becoming more complicated.

As some of the most active members of the global digital community, Canadians spent more than 34 hours online per month in 2013, on average; outpaced in the top 10 countries only by the U.S. and the U.K., at roughly 36 hours. But increasingly, that digital lollygagging is shifting away from computers and on to mobile devices. And the challenge for advertisers to find the best way to communicate with consumers in the mobile space, is becoming more urgent.

According to a new report from research firm comScore Inc., last year saw a 17-per-cent drop in total minutes Canadians spent online on their personal computers, and a 21-per-cent decline in total pages viewed from computers. But those numbers do not indicate less time spent online; they reflect a shift in people’s digital lives, which are increasingly migrating to smartphones and tablet devices.



The Globe and Mail

Published Tuesday, Apr. 0