After .com: Using a Non-Traditional Domain Name

http-urlIt’s true, it’s not always easy to get the domain name you want ending in “.ca” or “.com”  But why does it have to end there?

Post by Nicole Fallon, Business News Daily Assistant Editor

Today’s startups have a lot of technological advantages over businesses that launched a decade ago. But there’s one challenge that’s unique to the modern entrepreneur: finding an available domain name for their business.

For American businesses, .com remains the most popular and coveted top-level domain (TLD) in terms of branding power, said Mike Mann, a serial entrepreneur and domain registration expert. It’s been the default domain extension for much of the history of the commercial Web, and most consumers automatically type it in when searching for a business’s website.

But the pool of available .com names is rapidly shrinking, and getting the branded domain name you want is becoming more difficult — and incredibly expensive. Domain marketers know the value of a .com URL, and often charge an exorbitant price if a business owner wants to purchase a specific domain name from them. This is unwelcome news for aspiring small business owners, who may not have the resources to buy a .com domain name that fits with their brand.