Digital signage and the interactive brand

Whenever a new technology comes along, we always expect it to take the place of what’s already there. People thought the telephone would replace the telegraph; TV would replace movies; ATMs would replace live tellers.

It never works out quite that way.

While new technologies may take over some of the functions of older ones, what truly makes them successful is how they redefine the space that they operate in. Digital signage is no exception — 2011 marked what I consider to be a breakthrough year in establishing the role of digital signage in the world of creating compelling, interactive brand experiences. There is every indication that 2012 will bring more of the same.

2011: A Breakthrough Year

Today, digital signage is the No. 2 reach media behind TV, the No. 2 exposure media and the No. 1 fastest growing media — this is quite an accomplishment for a technology that is still in its early stages. But to really understand the success digital signage is enjoying, look at just a few of the premier examples that set the pace for the industry in 2011 (there are many to choose from):

  • Macy’s Beauty Spot


By José Avalos

Worldwide Director of Retail & Digital Signage

Intel Corp.

Avalos is retail sector general manager for Intel Corp. in the Intelligent Systems Group, leading Intel’s worldwide retail & digital signage businesses. His group is responsible for delivering Intel’s Intelligent Retail & Digital Signage platforms, software and services, and initiatives fueling industry growth.

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