Facebook Contests

fb-contests-300x223Running a contest on Facebook presents a great opportunity to reach more potential players and grow your social media following.

These are a few contests we’ve helped our clients with that have been successful:

Like & Share – win a free pizza!  People love pizza and it’s an easy way to grow your Facebook fan base and all it costs is a large pizza delivered.  We aren’t all a big business with a large marketing budget.  This is relatively inexpensive and can be spun a number of ways, Tims anyone?

Caption & Share – Not the most original with tag lines?  Have your fans do it for you.  Post an image or idea on your Facebook page and have your fans “caption” and share.  Pick the best and use it for a Facebook ad, cover image, website, anything you use to promote your business.  Add a prize, just as simple and inexpensive as you want.