Facebook to Target Ads Based on Internet Browsing History

Facebookby Chad Brooks, BusinessNewsDaily Senior Writer

Starting soon, Facebook will use member’s Internet browsing history to better target them with the social network’s advertisers’ ads.

Currently, the ads a user sees on Facebook are primarily based on the things they do on Facebook, such as the pages they like. Soon, the company will also be able to target marketers’ ads based on the websites Facebook users visit and the apps they use when they are not on the social network. A Facebook spokesperson told Business News Daily that the company will not be sharing this customer browsing habit information with advertisers, despite earlier reports, including in this story, that it would be doing so.

“Enhancing interest-based advertising with information from websites and apps people use will improve performance for marketers by making sure your ads go to people who are the most interested in your products and services, and those who are the most likely to respond,” Facebook wrote on its company blog. “These signals will improve our existing ad capabilities and be built into our existing interfaces.”