Five Ways to Develop a Cross-Channel Brand Story

An interesting article from MarketingProfs, Diana Udel….worth a read.

In this article you will learn that…

  • Omni-channel success for consumer brands hinges on the ability to deliver engaging, cross-channel brand stories.
  • Five key tactics can help marketers improve the quality of their cross-channel brand storytelling.


131104-book-sea-merging-lgStories have always been vehicles via which we communicate and perceive truth. But more than ever before, stories are taking center stage in the consumer marketplace, enabling brands to forge meaningful, lasting connections with generations of customers.

One of the key challenges for today’s marketers is the creation and delivery of cross-channel brand stories. Consumers no longer access content via a single channel. They use a range of personal technologies to connect with the brands and retailers that are important to them—and they expect to be “wowed” every time, regardless of the channel they use to access the brand.

So, for growth-minded retailers and consumer brands, omni-channel success hinges on the ability to deliver cross-channel brand stories that are engaging, memorable, and consistent.

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