Freshen Up Your Spring Emails With These 5 Tips

spring-clip-art1If you’re as over winter as we are, you’re probably anxious for the arrival of spring. And with so much to love about the season – longer days, warmer weather, blooming flowers  – it’s easy to explain why.

As the world around us comes alive once again, why not bottle up all of that excitement for your email marketing too? Whether you’re in retail, consulting, fitness, etc., subscribers all across Canada are gearing up for the change of season. And as our data scientists have proved, they love getting emails related to time, seasons or dates – so there’s a big opportunity for you to connect with your customers.

Send Them What They Want

Emails that relate to time tend to have higher open rates than others. Not only is a spring-related email relevant to your subscribers the moment they read your subject line, it also creates a sense of urgency that encourages them to take a specific action.

So how can you incorporate spring-related topics in your emails? Here are a few angles you can take:

  • Spring Season

Keep the theme simple by finding a way to include the word “spring” or a specific month in your subject lines. Sending out your monthly newsletter? Throw “April” into your message. Having a spring sale? Be sure to mention it specifically in your subject line and email message.

 Pro Tip: Keep the spring theme going throughout your email. Best practices say to set clear and accurate expectations for your subscribers, so the content in your message should reflect the subject line.

  • Spring Shopping

As the flowers bloom and tax returns come rolling in, encourage customers to shop with spring deals and discounts.  Offer exclusive promotions to subscribers on your mailing list, and use this as an incentive to encourage email sign ups. Don’t forget to share it on social media, too!

  • Spring Cleaning

There’s something about springtime and cleaning – as they say, “Out with the old, and in with the new!” So why not use that angle to promote your products/service?

If you’re not sure this topic relates to your business, the idea of spring cleaning can actually apply to a wide range of businesses.

A nutrition blogger, for example, might focus on the idea of cleansing the body from junk food. Your spring-related email isn’t limited to discounts and promotions — consider creating content that focuses on helping your customers during this time of year.

  • Spring Holidays

In addition to longer days and warmer weather, spring also brings with it a lot of holidays. From Easter to Victoria Day to the last day of school there are plenty from which to choose — so start thinking about what you might want to use for your emails.easter-bunny-photos-6

  • Renewal

During spring, many people also experience a sense of renewal as the world around them comes alive. Consider how you can encourage your subscribers to “freshen up” their lives with your products or services.

Whatever you do, feel free to get creative with your content, images and even video that can tie everything to spring. 

From the visuals to the copy (“It’s time to refresh, renew, and revitalize…”)  Get Hoppin’