Ideas for your Christmas Campaigns on Facebook – part 3

images (2)Christmas is just around the corner….a final Facebook idea….

5. Surveys: Get to know your users

How much do you generally spend on presents during the Christmas holidays? Do you usually celebrate lunches and dinners at home? If so, how much do you plan on spending this year on food and drink? Where do you prefer to do your food shopping – supermarkets or specialized stores? Christmas can be a good time to carry out a survey or market study on your Facebook Page to get to know your fans better. If you have a food product business, finding out what your customers like and how they celebrate their holidays can help you understand the consumption habits of your customers.

With a survey on your Facebook Page, you can collect valuable feedback from your followers that will help you make business decisions.

Tip: Be creative with your questions. Prepare a survey that’s short and engages your fans. As an incentive, raffle a prize among all who answer the survey.