Ideas for your Christmas Campaigns on Facebook – part 2

images (2)Christmas is just around the corner……More Facebook Ideas…..

2. Photo contest: Awaken the creativity of your fans

Remember when you were a child and helped your dad decorate the Christmas tree? It was a Christmas tradition that you never wanted to miss out on. Christmas is an excellent time to revive this and other merry scenes. Organize a fun photo contest in your Facebook page and encourage your fans to share their best Christmas snaps of snowmen, brightly decorated homes, Christmas trees, and so on.

A photo contest is one of the greatest tools for promoting the engagement of your Facebook Page fans, and it also encourages community interaction.

Viralize your promotion by organizing a voting contest. To select a winner, we suggest you carry out a sweepstake among all entrants so that they can all feel equally rewarded for their efforts. Another effective method is to raffle the prize only among those who have achieved a minimum number of votes. Decide on a reasonable minimum – 10 to 20 votes for example – and be sure to offer a very attractive prize as this type of prize requires your fans to make more of an effort.

Tip: Adapt the theme of the contest to your business and products. For example: oblige users to include your brand logo, or the logo of one of your products, in their photos. This will help to strengthen the image of the brand.