Ideas for your Christmas Campaigns on Facebook

images (2)Christmas is just around the corner. For most of us, the Christmas season is one of the highlights of the year, and the yuletide spirit can be a wonderful source of inspiration for almost anything, including engaging with your brand’s fans by organizing contests and promotions. Make the most of these dates to interact with your fans, increase your fanbase and improve your sales. We have decided to share some ideas to help you dynamize your Facebook Page over the holiday season.

1. Questionnaires and trivia quizzes: Fun for your fans

Do you like to celebrate Christmas with your family, surrounded by loved ones? Or are you one of those people who’d rather use the holiday season to travel? Do you like to plan parties in advance or do you leave it all until the last minute? Let your fans have fun answering a series of questions. Prepare a questionnaire to help fans discover their ideal Christmas holidays. Or create a trivia quiz so entrants can show how much they know about Christmas.

To encourage participation, raffle a prize among all users who respond to the questionnaire. If you’ve organized a trivia quiz, arrange the contest so that only entrants who achieve a high enough score become eligible for the prize.

Tip: To achieve greater participation, prepare a questionnaire that’s quick to answer (4-5 questions is the maximum recommended) and make it more visual by mixing texts with photos and videos. Combine it with a recruiting contest to increase the virality of the promotion.