Please Don’t Add Me to Your Email List

imagesCANTRCSAFor the past several weeks I’ve been cleaning up my overloaded email inbox and unsubscribing from newsletters and email marketing lists. I had gotten in a bad habit of simply deleting new mail that I didn’t want to read, and decided it was time to take action and ban many messages from landing in my inbox altogether. It wasn’t until I started this process that I realized that dozens of people had added me to their email lists without my permission.

One of my biggest pet peeves in business is to suddenly receive commercial email after attending a business event or a networking function. Just because we shook hands and exchanged business cards over a glass of cheap chardonnay doesn’t mean that I want to receive your sales messages. If this is a practice you use, I beg you to please stop the madness.


Stephanie ChandlerStephanie Chandler, Contributor – Forbes