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Create an Integrated Approach for Social Media

Your customers use social media to communicate with each other in ways unimagined just five years ago. And with studies showing that consumers are spending ever-larger portions of their online time on social media sites, your company may have already established a presence on social media sites, created dedicated social media staffs that post official company messages and respond to customer posts, and begun monitoring what consumers post about their brands. But, do you have an integrated approach to social media that includes customer service?

Connect with Customers via Social Media

Unfortunately, most companies lack the ability to effectively capture and share social media content across voice, web, mobile and social media touch points, as well as over time. So when customers share their bad experiences on social media sites and then find themselves having to repeat their grievances to contact center agents who lack access to those posts, the result is a disconnected customer experience.

Research has shown that customers who engage through social media are more loyal, churn less and are more profitable. Emerge Designs’Social Engagement services are designed to help you create an integrated and holistic approach to turn the social media opportunity into real business benefits.