The Customer Isn’t Always Right … And Why It Doesn’t Matter

An article from Business News Daily, Elizabeth Palermo.


In the latest example of how social media is mightier than the sword when it comes to customer service, a war of words was waged last week by Hasan Syed, a disgruntled British Airways patron who took to Twitter to vent his anger.

After complaints regarding his lost luggage went unanswered by the airline, Syed — who uses the Twitter handle @HVSVN — paid $1,000 to promote tweets berating the company to Twitter users in New York and London. ABC News reports that more than 70,000 people viewed Syed’s angry tweets — which included words like “terrible, “horrendous” and “sucks” — and thousands more people heard about the rant on the news.

In an age when one person’s opinion can reach thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook friends in an instant, it only takes one dissatisfied customer to wreak havoc on a company’s image.