The driving forces of change in mobile advertising

Written by Cheryl Morris
Cheryl Morris is the director of marketing for Nanigans.

mobile-advertisingIn less than a year, Facebook became the market leader in mobile display ads – outpacing giants like Google and Apple to control approximately a quarter of all mobile display revenues. What represented zero percent of Facebook’s ad revenues a year ago is on track to be a billion-dollar market this year in the United States alone.

Facebook broadly launched its first mobile ad product just weeks after its IPO. Fast-forward three months and mobile represented 14 percent of their business. It seemed every other week the company released a new mobile ad product, and by the end of 2012, mobile grew to represent 23 percent of Facebook’s ad business. And today this number has grown to 30 percent.

Why exactly have mobile ad dollars moved so quickly to Facebook? The answer is simple. Facebook and its Preferred Marketing Developer ecosystem are solving real challenges on behalf of marketers – challenges that center on the three core pillars of any successful ad campaign: