Things about advertising that drive women nuts

Yes, these drive me absolutely crazy!  (Amber not Steve)…..this is an article worth reading.

activiaPlenty of marketers, from Wendy’s to Dove to Major League Baseball and beyond, are pouring advertising dollars into trying to connect with women. They have been doing so for years, and with good reason: it has been estimated that globally, women represent $20-trillion in buying power. They buy more than half of the new cars sold (sorry, slick male-targeted car ads) and often make the purchasing decisions on behalf of their households.

But advertisers are also wearing women’s patience thin, in a number of ways.

Ad agency Marketel commissioned a survey of 1,000 Canadian women aged 18 to 64 to find out which brands they love, what turns them off, and what they wish advertisers knew about crafting messages for them. The survey is meant to promote a new division of the agency focused on female-targeted marketing, currently launching in Canada. Here are some of the things they found:

What women hate

1) Don’t underestimate women’s intelligence. Ads that assume they know nothing about cars, sports, or finances are marketing poison.


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