It’s Time to Beef Up Your ‘About’ Page

Advice we needed as well…..

1392409915-time-beef-up-about-pageBY ERIC SIU

Your “About” page is likely one of the most visited pieces of content on your website. And yet I’m willing to bet that instead of crafting this important page with the care it deserves, plenty of you reading this article simply coughed up a few generic, corporate-speak paragraphs — simply because the space on your website had to be filled.

Don’t feel bad — plenty of companies out there are plagued by dull, dry “About” pages that do nothing to engage readers and enhance their company’s image. So check out the tips below to beef up your “About” page into something that gets results.

Be consistent with your site’s personality. Say you’ve got fun product page copy and blog posts that are written in a deliberately informal, engaging tone. So why is your “About” page a bland, third-person description that feels like it was auto-generated by a corporate buzzword tool?