Tips for a Great Website…


These are a few basic tips in creating a Great Website….

  1. Know your target audience. Keep your target in mind when you design your content.
  2. Write relevant content If it doesn’t relate to your website topic, it doesn’t belong on your website. Visitors want information, and unless the information is relevant, they won’t read it.
  3. Keep your pages short. According to Jakob Nielsen only 10% of users will scroll beyond the first screen of text. Your message will be more effective if seen as soon as the page is displayed.
  4. Avoid lots of text. People don’t read the Internet, they scan it. Therefore if your website is full of text often it will be ignored.
  5. Use lists instead of paragraphs. Lists are easier to scan than paragraphs, especially if you keep them short.
  6. Write short sentences Sentences should be as concise as you can make them. Use only the words you need to get the essential information across.
  7. Keep images sizes small. Research show that some flash animation and large images annoy people. If it takes too long to download, many viewers will never see it – they will have browsed somewhere else.
  8. Check spelling. Use a spell checker, typos and spelling mistakes create a very poor impression. Make sure you proofread everything you post on your website.
  9. Keep links current. Check your outgoing links to make sure they are valid.
  10. Put contact information on your pages. Your website should include an address, email and phone number as a minimum. These should be easy to find, all in one place, on the ‘Contact Details’ page of your website. Generally, people don’t trust companies without basic contact details included on their websites.