To Market Successfully, Your Customer Can’t Be ‘Everyone’

This is a helpful post from….The narrower your target, the more successful you’ll be!

marketingNo, your target is not ‘everyone’

Think about the sneaker business. It’s a pretty wide market. Practically everyone needs a pair, right? But the most successful sneaker companies know better. They focus on very specific targets.

Take a look at Nike‘s website. It’s all about fitness, sports and winning. Converse, on the other hand, is about making a personal identity statement. Their Google ad says, “Shoes are Boring. Sneakers are Iconic.” Who would have thought they’d make Chuck Taylor All Stars with a studded collar? Even if nearly everyone needs sneakers, these companies help us know exactly which sneaker fits our personal needs, whether we are uber-competitive or ultrafashionable.

Target even more than big-budget players like Nike

No matter what product you sell or service you deliver, more targeted marketing gives you a better return. Targeting a specific audience gets you in front of them more often, with messages that touch them emotionally. If you try to be everything to everyone, your message becomes vague and less impactful. Branding expertTodd Friedman writes:

“The more you can define not only the demographics — like age, gender and household income — but also the type of person (psychographics), including attitudes, tendencies, and preferences, the more you can directly speak to your audience. Owning a specific market’s mind share is the key.”

But who is your ‘ideal’ customer?

Here are two methods to identify your target.