Turning Back the Clock on the Social Revolution

A great post by By Denis Pombriant, CRM Buyer, on May 27 …

A wealth of technology, networks and apps to connect us, and the folks at Yahoo want to ditch all that and meet face to face. Are the people who run one of the first major Silicon Valley Web companies that out of sync with the impact of social media? The debate over the Yahoo telecommute ban has underscored the need for collaborative technologies.

We have this idea of modern computing that is closely tied to social media, and rightly so. Social media is a kind of glue that ties us together in new and bigger configurations than our own human capabilities.

However, it is also the unspoken issue in the Yahoo brouhaha about working from home — the idea whose name shall not be spoken. How else to explain the ultra retro edict — anachronism, really — that all Yahoos must report to the brick-and-mortar in person rather than “telecommute” — another anachronism implying the possibility of only a simple bidirectional interface between the individual and the mother ship?

Bidirectional? How quaint.